WEBINAR: Improve your histology analysis by using Color Deconvolution

Wednesday August 16th | 11A EDT

The quantification and analysis of histochemical stained tissue may be complicated due to a number of factors.  A common issue is the analysis of multiple stains which may be superimposed over one another.  Traditional color segmentation techniques and even machine learning based segmentation of the stained tissue may be difficult.  To help address this issue, a Color Deconvolution App has been created for use with Image-Pro Premier.

The purpose of the Color Deconvolution App is to extract individual stains from a color image into separate images, which may be easily quantified.

The benefits of the Color Deconvolution App include:

  • Simplification: Complex staining and overlapping stains may be easily analyzed using the results color deconvolution.
  • Specificity: Create specific staining extraction settings for your stains.

This webinar will introduce the concepts of the Color Deconvolution App and the proper App setup in Image-Pro Premier. 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Setup and extract specific stains
  • Create your own stain extraction settings
  • Set up a an analysis workflow